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image  1 DAB Motors Concept-E RS Burberry edition
July 26, 2022

A fusion between sustainability and #luxury with #DABMotors and #Burberry results in the limited Concept-E RS.

The #motorcycle is available in two standard colour ways (midnight blue and metallic grey) and features bespoke some Burberry corporate bodywork, a leather seat and handlebar grips embossed with the TB monogram and customised rims.

Thanks to the DAB Motors bespoke DNA, the bike can fully be customised to the user’s wishes.

Made in only 20 units, the Concept-E RS Burberry edition are displayed in Burberry’s most iconic flagship stores around the world – Dubai, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Milan, and of course London. Concept-E RS Burberry edition is available on Burberry and DAB Motors websites at €29,900 including VAT.