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March 29, 2022

Everyone is so interested in what the future will bring! What will cars, jobs and life be like in the days to come? Well, there seems to be one area in which the future has already arrived. Designers have been competing with each other for their ideas of what the architecture of the next generation should look like. While many of the designs are breathtakingly gorgeous…some of them are just plain strange.

For starters, the trend moving forward seems to be combining modern design aesthetics with ecofriendly homes that utilize the natural space in interesting ways. These homes redesign everything from the log cabin to the sunken oceanside villas in ways you would absolutely never expect. Some of them are true works of art from the finest designers architecture has ever seen.

Then there’s the just plain weird. These include cargo containers that are stacked on top of each other to resemble a star, strange shapes that are meant to look like the rippling waves of the ocean or floating spider web apartments that hang in city skylines. If some of these designs are the way the future is going…I think We might be happy to live in the present. No spider webs for.

Don’t forget the homes that Elon Musk hopes to build on Mars. Before you decide to move to a new planet, just know that the homes are about as cramped as a spacesuit. Musk may need to rethink his retirement plans if he wants some space for the whole family.

So which of these future homes has the best vision? Only one way to find out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Vitalii V.

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00:00 Intro
00:09 The Star House
02:01 Wave
03:52 High Desert House
05:40 The Wavy House
07:30 The Cuboid
08:49 Mars Case
11:21 Villa Allegra
13:15 Dolomitenblick
15:23 Aerial Web Homes
17:50 Outro

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