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March 15, 2022

There have been many cool mansions and buildings covered on this channel. But how do you top buildings made out of gold? There are plenty of palaces and buildings of true historical value that were adorned with gold during an age when royalty was as opulent as humanly possible as a way of life. These buildings are truly breathtaking with the kind of architecture that hasn’t been in fashion for hundreds of years. These buildings are so magnificent that you may want them to start building like this once more. We certainly would.

Then there are the temples. There are several grand temples throughout the world made of gold. These are buildings with rich history, true spiritual significance and amazing design. Many of them also boast incredible secrets. There’s one temple that is said to be the richest in the entire world and even has mythical creatures guarding its most prized treasures. Don’t you want to know which?

We’ve also got the more modern buildings that are made to look like shining golden structures in both the daylight and moonlight. Concert halls, museums and even library annexes all have gold designs whether we’re talking real gold or just made to look like gold.

Of course, there’s also the golden pyramids. While the real pyramids are located in Egypt, these are in a much more subdued location. Just wait until you see. The real pyramids weren’t nearly taken down by a simple fire.

So which of these golden buildings is the most beautiful? Only one way to find out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Federico Rossi

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00:00 Intro
09:20 Shwedagon Pagoda
01:16 The Majestic Grand Palace
02:09 The Golden Pavilion
03:02 The Platform of Arts and Creativity
03:54 The Shri Venkateswara
04:53 Iglesia de la Compania
05:50 Hotel Marques De Riscal
06:45 Department Archives of Rhone
07:40 Pro Aurum
08:31 Bristol Beacon
09:28 Firstsite
10:26 Bibliothek Luckenwalde Annex
11:23 The Royal Bank Plaza
12:08 Golden Roof
13:06 Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
14:14 The Catherine Palace
15:11 Budapest Parliament
16:04 Golden Pyramids
16:52 Pha That Luang
17:36 Outro

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