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May 13, 2022

Crime sometimes really does play. There are many criminals across history who have brought in the kind of money that is saved usually for the biggest names in the business world. These criminals can pull in hundreds of thousands to millions through a ton of different illicit activities that put them on the wrong end of the law and likely put them right into jail.

Let’s start with Pablo Escobar. He is perhaps the most famous criminal of all time for good reason. He created a massive industry that’s still in use today. He spent big money on houses, racecars and his very own private prison that’s nicer than most homes.

Then there’s Al Capone. He created the gangster image. Unfortunately, being a gangster doesn’t look as fun in real life. Capone’s life was filled with paranoia, dementia and millions spent every year just to keep him out of jail. Just unfortunately not millions on the taxes he owed.

Then we’ve got the likes of John Gotti or Jordan Belfort, both who spent the 80s and 90s committing all kinds of crimes in high style. Once they both went down for good, their legacies of style and criminality have lasted ever since.

Finally we’ve got Jesse James, the most notorious outlaw in the west. While he stole a small fortune in his day with train heists and hold ups, he and his gang certainly didn’t know how to spend it wisely.

So which of these criminals knows how to spend the best? Let’s find out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: M.A.

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00:13 Pablo Escobar
03:37 Al Capone
06:34 John Gotti
11:09 Jordan Belfort
14:34 Jesse James
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