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November 6, 2021

Inside Jay Z And Beyonce's $118 Million Homes.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are one of the most influential celebrity couples, but according to Jay-Z (clip) they’re celebrities alright. Jay-Z is worth over a billion dollars while Queen B is worth almost half a billion dollars. And this is all a result of their success and hard work, becoming two of the best and most awarded musicians of all time.

And beyond Beyonce’s vocals and Jay-Z’s punchlines, business ventures have been great for them as well. So, speaking of lines, most people want this power couple as close as possible to the dotted lines on their papers. And in this video, we’ll be talking about some of their most exquisite properties that they’ve signed off millions of dollars on.


00:00 Introduction
00:42 La Casa De Castille, $4.45 Million
02:23 Hamptons Retreat, $25.9 Million
05:50 Bel Air Estate, $88 Million