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August 18, 2021

When you think secret-government-alien-studying-facilities, you think Area 51. And for good reason! This place has been the subject of countless movies, video games, books, comics, and even podcasts! It even makes an appearance in the 4th Indianna Jones movie, released in 2008, called Indiana Jonesand the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (in case you forgot, this is the one where Dr. Jones has to confront… aliens. Yeah, it makes sense to travel to Area 51, huh?) And who could forget when Area 51 made headlines in 2019 when the internet rallied to potentially… Storm the gates. Maybe not the best idea guys, but we certainly can sympathize with your quest for knowledge! But.. maybe… next time go about it, the LEGAL way? Ah, but here’s a thought for ya, are there… OTHER secret government testing sites… in other countries? Guys, OF COURSE THERE ARE. In Russia, this facility is known as Kapustin Yar. Above the surface, you’ll find 4 ballistic launch complexes, 14 launch pads, a precision tracking radar facility, three 3,500 foot runways, and numerous strange and unidentified areas… but travel a quarter mile below the surface? That’s where things get a bit… spooky. Claims of alien autopsy rooms and long hangers containing crashed spaceships have been made by eye witnesses… but what do we really know about this place? Just how long has it been here? What is the layout above the surface? And what about below? Just what would you see if you took a tour of Kapustin Yar, also known as Russia’s Area 51? Today we're finding out.

Written by: Chris Montrose
Narrated by: Chris Montrose

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Above the surface…
02:21 BELOW the surface…
05:16 Another facility?

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