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September 9, 2021

Today, we’re going to take you on a virtual tour of the M80 Stiletto. You’ll get to see everything from the bridge to the crew quarters. We’ll also show you all the high-tech gadgets and support craft hidden inside this $6 million experimental vessel. The M80 is powerful and fast.
It has four 1650-horsepower engines and a carbon-fiber body. The ship can reach a top speed of 50 knots because it has a lightweight design and powerful engines. The M80 Stiletto’s innovative pentamaran hull design results in a stable ride even when the ship is traversing incredibly rough waters. The aerodynamic m-shaped hull is a game-changer, and the ship’s low draft allows it to operate in shallow water. The vessel can operate in waterways and rivers. Beach and shore landings are also possible. The cargo area of the M80 Stiletto is typically filled with a wide variety of drones and autonomous underwater vehicles. Small boats like the RHIB are also kept on board for use in tactical and covert missions. The bridge is filled with all the latest high-tech communications devices. UHF sat com and gigabit LAN communications allow Navy Seals to easily connect to the Pentagon - even if the M80 is in the middle of the ocean. If Navy Seals are deployed on longer missions, the cargo area can be transformed into additional living space. The M80 Stiletto can be used during rescue missions and surveillance missions. It can even be used to inspect large cargo tankers bringing goods into U.S. ports. Keep watching to learn more about this amazing Naval vessel.

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Written by: Rob Cramer
Narrated by: Adam Newmark
Edited by: Gonzalo Lugo

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Exterior
01:58 Top Deck
02:37 Bridge
03:15 Interior

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