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January 20, 2022

Who drives what in the MCU is what you wanna know, and we’re here to tell you. Robert Downey Jr. staged one of the biggest career comebacks in Hollywood history, and he has the GQ cover-story level of cars in his Malibu and East Hampton garages to prove it. 300 million dollars bought RDJ a garage full of Audi’s, a Bentley Continental GT (which was a back end payment for his work on Iron Man 3), a Mercedes-Benz G63, and a Fisker Karma among many others. We’ll also inspect his on screen surrogate son Tom Holland’s vehicle collection, which also includes, surprise surprise, Audi’s! We’ll look at Chris Evan’s Chevy’s (a Camaro and a Suburban), Chris Hemsworth’s SUV’s, ScarJo’s fleet of Mercedes-Benz Mom-Mobiles, and Mark Ruffalo’s boring but eco-friendly BMW i3. We’ll be looking at the rides of many other actors, as well as muse what the MCU characters would drive if they existed in the real world if we deem their choices too mundane.

The MCU has grown to be a 22.59B franchise, and has helped make The House Of Mouse the prominent force in entertainment. It’s actors are celebrated the world over, and like the gold diggers we are, we want to know the cars that they drive. When We pay $20 a ticket for them IMAX seats, We want to know where the Endgame money is going. Hopefully, to fill up Josh Brolin’s all black Dodge Ram 1500 tank at a Malibu gas station.

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: Jean Bernard
Edited by: Vitalii V.

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00:06 Tom Holland’s Audi’s
00:49 Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark Level Car Collection
02:27 Chris Evan’s All American Collection
03:57 Chris Hemsworth’s SUV’s
04:52 Benedict Cumberbatch’s British Fleet
06:00 Tom Hiddleston's Jaguar F-Type
06:27 Chris Pratt’s 1965 VW Beetle
07:16 Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole of Cars
07:49 Elizabeth Olsen’s Toyota Prius
08:21 Paul Bettany’s Vintage Volvo Amazon
08:59 Scarlett Johansson’s Mercedes Mom Mobiles
09:34 Mark Ruffalo’s BMW i3
09:54 Samuel L. Jackson’s Maybach
10:12 Zendaya’s Fancy Pants Rides

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