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January 17, 2023

We have covered a lot of stars over the years but we have never seen one quite like MrBeast. The number one YouTuber on the internet has amassed a huge following of hundreds of millions of loyal fans who watch each and every one of his award worthy videos. He’s a true juggernaut in the YouTube world. One who has brought in a net worth that more than reflects that kind of success. As you’d expect, he spends those millions with the best of them. Big cars, big houses and for him, bigger giveaways.

Like any other celebrity of his level, he’s got a favorite brand of supercar. His channel makes it pretty clear what that brand is. He’s got a real thing for Lamborghinis. Who doesn’t though? I’ve gotta say that his customized ride is the personal favorite though.

He’s also got a sizable portfolio of real estate. He famously has a 55 million dollar mansion but that may be for show or for the channel. In reality, he may live more like most of his fans.

Anyone who is familiar with MrBeast knows where a good deal of his channel’s money goes. The channel is all about giant Oprah-style giveaways for loyal subscribers. He has given away big cars, big properties and most commonly big money. Though he’s also given away something truly one of a kind, a private island. Never seen Oprah do that.

So how does MrBeast spend his millions and millions of dollars? Only one way to really find out right now?

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Corbin Rowell
Edited by: Federico Rossi

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Houses 02:23
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