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January 21, 2022

Confidence is everything, and for a lot of rappers, the confidence comes from the jewels they wear. Two tone rose and white gold. Diamonds with more carats than Bugs Bunny’s lunch? These sunglasses at night wearing superstars shine canary yellow in the spotlight thanks to celebrity jewelers, lots of ticket sales, and that forever hunger for more. Kanye’s $300,000 24k gold Horus Chain that he wore while performing on top of a volcano at the 2010 BET awards made a statement you just couldn’t make any other way. A $120,000 Owl Chain to commemorate your record label OVO’s success just says “I”ve started from the bottom now I’m here” in ways the song can’t. Jay-Z’s 11 pound Cuban Link Chain is probably heavier than Blue Ivy was at birth. We’re also going to talk about dental wealth - from Kanye’s $60K lower fronts to Post Malone’s 1.6M new veneers that put Katy Perry’s Guiness Book of Word Record’s holding Dark Horse grill to shame. We’ll talk about the Migos crew and they’re peculiar choices in jewelry, Sean Kingston’s 64 Crayon Box Chain, and Pharrell William’s 1M commemorative N.E.R.D. Chain. Oh yeah, and Rick Ross’ 1.5M bust of his own moniker wearing a chain is also the type of opulence we’ll be musing.

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Written by: JB
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: MA

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00:00 Intro
00:10 Drake’s Owl Chain
01:25 Jay-Z’s Cuban Chain
02:16 Kanye West’s Horus Chain
03:11 T-Pain’s Big A Chain
03:45 Rick Ross’s Face Pendant
04:29 Pharrell Williams NERD Chain
04:57 Offset’s Bando House Chain
05:54 Quavo’s Crash Bandicoot Chain
06:48 Takeoff’s Solar System Piece
07:24 Gucci Mane Twin Panther Chain
07:59 Sean Kingston’s 64 Crayon Chain
08:37 Post Malone’s Grill

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