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April 2, 2022

Man made islands are all the rage right now. While the building of these archipelagos has been going on for decades, it has really taken off in the last few decades. There are a ton of projects in development right now aimed at increasing tourism and bringing nations together…to spend a lot of money. That’s good too because these projects cost serious amounts of money. While some have been on the low end with tens of millions, others can go for billions. They are also prone to misfortune. It seems like there’s some sort of curse plaguing these projects because many of them are obliterated by global economic turmoil. That being said, even the incomplete projects still represent the dream of adding to the globe beautiful works of man made island art.

The city of Dubai is really leading the charge in this area. They have several big name projects in the works that are all about creating a big luxury experience. They have courted the likes of Richard Branson, Madonna, Cher, Brad Pitt and Brad Pitt…again… There have been other projects all over the world including Miami Florida, the Netherlands and other locations all over the planet.

Then there are the projects built for practical reasons. These include staving off problems with overpopulation and the rising sea level, international security issues and having somewhere to display the Statue of Liberty. And no, not the Statue of Liberty you are thinking of.

So which of these artificially created islands is the best? Let’s find out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Federico Rossi

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00:00 Intro
00:16 The Palm Islands
03:36 The World Islands
06:15 The Venetian Islands
08:13 Hulhumalé
10:11 Al Marjan
12:28 The Pearl
14:28 Flevopolder
15:06 Great Wall of Sand
16:26 Île aux Cygnes
17:45 Outro

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