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January 25, 2022

We’re going to look at the most flamboyant celebs and the Rolls-Royce’s they love. These machines have to be seen to be believed - from Justin Bieber’s Blade Runner-esque Wraith, to David Beckham’s all-black DUB edition, to Shaq’s heartfelt purple and gold mamba themed Kobe Bryant monument, to Jay Leno’s twin 1937 Boat Tail Speedsters, we’ve got a lot to talk about. Jay’s 1934 Merlin is also up for discussion, and we’ll talk about the ridiculous fighter plane engine it houses. We’ll talk about Quavo and OBJ’s orange Cullinan’s, Bronx rapper Fat Joe’s 2 tone baby blue and white Cullinan, and Drake’s Chrome Hearts Cullinan. And finally, a few words and pictures about Jamie Foxx’s Drophead Phantom, Tom Brady’s double-R Ghost, and NBA star James Harden’s Houston Rockets red and gold themed Ghost.
From outside to in, we’ll look at the redone upholstery work, and tell you the stories as to why they were done. Some of these labors of love took hundreds of hours and one to three years to complete!
Rolls-Royce’s are already custom jobs. You have 44,000 colors to customize Phantoms from. But for some artists and sportsmen, creativity runs wild and everything they touch and own must reflect that. That’s one of the reasons why absolutely beautiful Spirits of Ecstasy are tossed in drawers somewhere in favour of things like company logos and miniature status of the cars owners. Tradition is thrown away in favor of building self-aggrandizing monuments, a cornerstone of the celebrity game.
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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: Jorge B.

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0:00 Justin Bieber’s Wraith
1:30 David Bechkam’s Phantom Drophead Coupe
2:20 Shaq’s Phantom
3:16 Jay Leno’s Boat Tail
4:45 Drake’s Cullinan
6:06 Quavo’s Cullinan
6:40 OBJ’s Cullinan
7:19 Fat Joe’s Cullinan Black Badge
8:18 Jamie Foxx’s Drophead Coupe
8:40 James Harden’s Wraith
9:06 Simon Cowell’s Silver Cloud III
9:43 Tom Brady’s Ghost

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