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March 7, 2022

Simon Leviev: The Fake Israeli Billionaire.

You might have heard about the famous Tinder Swindler. A man who pretended to be a billionaire on multiple social media sites, dating apps, and in real life.

Simon Leviev was that man, he earned that questionable title and even had a Netflix documentary made about his criminal career.

He has been accused of defrauding several women all over the world. Adopting a fake identity he would entice these women by appearing to be a billionaire and playing the part very well too, showering them with seemingly lavish gifts and showing off his luxurious lifestyle.

However, it wasn't all as it appeared, and their romantic stories ended rather tragically. So who exactly is Simon Leviev? How did he manage to trick people into believing he was a billionaire, and where he is now?