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September 29, 2022

The $10 million dollar megayacht can be something truly special for some of the richest people out there. This concept superyacht has a garage that can fit the car it is modeled after: the Ferrari. This luxury yacht is called the Gran Turismo Mediterranea and it is modeled directly after the Italian carmaker Ferrari. The sleek design is meant to resemble the sports car that is going to be driving out of the rear deck onto the marina dock.

The concept is a design by Lazzarini Design Studio and they are the minds behind many other unique and innovative designs regarding automobiles, yachts, and aerospace. Some of their designs have come to fruition but currently the Gran Turismo Mediterranea is only a concept looking for the right buyer.

While this yacht doesn’t offer as much luxury as some other high-end superyachts it does deliver on speed and design. It can house its fair share of guests and crew members but if you are looking for a yacht that you can get lost in then maybe you should pick up the GTM as a secondary yacht.

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Written by: Nathan Council
Narrated by: Nathan Council
Edited by: Adriano Canella

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00:00 Intro
00:09 Gran Turismo Mediterranea
01:36 Interior
03:17 Exterior
05:00 Lazzarini Design Studio
07:23 Outro

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