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January 2, 2022

There are many reasons to throw a big party. Maybe you’ve hit a big birthday, perhaps you’re having your Bat Mitzvah, maybe it’s your wedding or maybe you’re just throwing a big house party that the police have to come and shut down due to noise complaints. Everyone likes to blow off some steam with a good time. But no one has a good time quite like celebrities do.

The Royal weddings of Prince Charles and Diana, Prince William and Kate or Prince Harry and Megan are all some of the most expensive of all time. Then there’s the first birthday of Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy which was worth well over a hundred thousand dollars. There are also high profile businessmen, sultans and politicians who want to celebrate the big milestones in their lives like the important people they are. Perhaps one of the most high profile parties thrown every year is the annual MET gala. It costs designers a fortune to bring in the biggest celebrities. Then there’s the way Justin Bieber parties which is so expensive that even the non-disclosure agreements costs millions of dollars. Many of these parties pay for high profile singers, drop millions on a venue, or stage huge fireworks shows that can be viewed from space. You won’t believe how nice of a host notorious reality judge villain Simon Cowell is in real life. We would’ve never guessed.

So which one of the biggest parties of all time are the most outrageous? Let’s find out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Gonzalo L.

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00:00 Intro
00:12 A Beyonce Birthday
01:24 The Royal Wedding of William and Kate
02:25 Atlantis Hotel Opening
03:38 MET Gala
04:27 Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding
05:25 Justin Bieber’s Gatsby Party
06:12 The Sultan of Brunei’s 50th birthday party
07:24 The Bat Mitzvah of Elizabeth Brooks
08:22 Simon Cowell’s Birthday
09:12 David Bonderman's birthday

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