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October 31, 2021

Just across the pond lies a century old Swiss chalet that was literally claimed to be made for hosting parties by the designer himself. Standing tall at a whopping five stories, this Swiss building was brought to London in 1882, and repurposed into a boathouse. As time went on the beautiful building fell into disarray. Eventually it only took a multimillion dollar architect to purchase it, restore it, and move it into the 21st century. Precious metals line the bathroom, while expensive crystals can be found in many of the tables and doors. With four bedrooms, and a dining room that seats a dozen and a half, it is the perfect abode for hosting perhaps the most epic occasions ever. It’s neighbors include historic parks and literal palaces, and it fits right in.

With over ten specially made, lavish rooms and a groundskeeping crew that would put that of Hogwarts to shame, this chalet is specially designed for those who wish to feel like royalty. Which room in this get away shack is your favorite? Is it the twin oven kitchen, the basement bar and wine cellar, or the home movie theater hidden ever so secretly behind a hidden door? Be sure to leave a like, subscribe, and comment your answer below, and then perhaps you too could haul 40 tons of sand into your basement. Though We will say We tried that at the parents place and let tell you they were not happy about it one little bit.

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Written by: Nick Twohig
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: Andrew G.

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00:00 Intro
00:13 History of the Chalet
01:21 Cost of a Palace
02:43 Kitchen
03:35 Dining Room
04:21 Bedrooms
04:54 Master Bedroom
05:29 Entrance
05:52 Party Basement
06:34 Secret Cinema
07:11 Floating Pool
07:36 Outro