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September 22, 2021

The Streets of Monaco is a $1 billion superyacht that’s never been made- but it still can be if some billionaire out there is willing to buy it. The 508-foot long superyacht concept was created by Yacht Island Designs who imagined an entire floating city with luxurious accommodations and entertainment inspired by the opulent French Riviera. The yacht concept includes waterfalls, a movie theater, a dance hall and even a race track inspired by the Monaco Grand Prix.

Enjoy a relaxing time in the spa, work out in the gym with ocean views or relax in your private VIP suite with your own sundeck and jacuzzi. The Streets of Monaco has everything you need to enjoy a lux life at sea. There’s even a sight-seeing submarine that will take you on trips below the ocean’s surface- plus a beach deck for recreational water vehicles and a helipad for easy access to your private city at sea.

What would it be like to vacation in a floating city? You’ll enjoy the sandy beach and sparkling resort-style pools, play a game on the tennis court, and zip around on the race track. There's truly nothing like the epic superyacht. Porthole windows provide you with underwater views, art lines the lavish hallways and there are lounges and VIP suites galore. From the Oasis to the Grand Atrium and the Owner’s Suite- which covers 3 decks and has a private elevator- let’s take a tour of the 4-deck luxury superyacht that never got made.

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Written by: Courtney Hayes
Narrated by:Adam Newmark
Edited by: Kristian Blaze

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