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February 3, 2022

Where are the most ridiculous and luxurious mansions in China? The world superpower is powering up through rapid industrialization, pumping out billionaires like mad, and these newly minted fat cats need to hang their slacks, black ties, and white shirts in peaceful feng shui homes. We’ll look at what may become the most expensive home ever sold in all of Asia: the Tang Dynasty inspired Taohuayuan Estate, currently up for sale for $149M. Its mist-covered ponds and one with the land style make for a property like no other. We’ll also move out of mainland China and into Hong Kong to look at Victoria Peak, and how the upper echelon of Hong Kong’s housing crisis are faring. While some are living in coffin like residences, Ali Baba magnate Jack Ma is flexing in a 191M mansion, and a tree surrounded Middle Gap Road Fresh Prince of Bel Air style mansion is going for a whopping 488M. We’ll look at the bizarre Maoist Huaxi Village, which hosts 200 identical 6,000 square foot-plus mansions, the $584,000 Golden Girls Residence, the 97M Kowloon Tong Harilela Family Mansion, and the 15M Lonyin Linquan. A quick peek at a $40M Taohuaryan Villa won't hurt either - knowledge is power, right?

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: Vitalii V.

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00:06 Taohuayuan Estate 149M
03:10 Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak 90s Mansion
04:36 Jack Ma’s 191M Mansion Victoria Peak
05:55 Huaxi’s Identical Mansions
07:18 Taohuayuan Villa $40M
08:48 34.7M Shunyi Beijing Luxury House
10:48 The $584,000 Golden Girls Residence Guangzhou
11:38 The $97M Harilela Mansion Kowloon Tong Hong Kong
13:15 $15M Longyin Linquan Beijing Villa

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