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February 13, 2022

Who are the celebs who drive Bentleys like British royalty? Artistically and commercially successful actor Robery Downey Jr. has been spotted in California in the matte green Bentley Continental GT. He got the car as a back end payment for his work on Iron Man 3 - the 2nd highest grossing movie of 2013 (after Frozen), and 21st highest grossing movie of all time as of 2022.

We’re going to look at Ice-T’s Murder One ONYX modded Continental GT. He shipped his candy apple red whip to Ireland to make it more muscle car looking, fusing British opulence and American muscle car arrogance to make a jacked up elegant ride reflective of the rapper’s music.

Socialite and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian-West used to drive herself around in a black two-door Bentley Continental GTC, and has since upgraded to being chauffeured around in the four door Bentley Mulsanne, the predecessor to the Flying Spur. Queen Elizabeth II also had a Bentley Mulanne a few years back, now decommissioned from Royal Service. She’s also got a 13M armored Bentley limousine that’d give Joe Biden’s The Beast a run for its money.

We’ll look at Marky Mark’s Bentley Azure T, Ben Baller’s Flying Spur, Arnie’s Continental GT Speed, and peek at Cher’s former GT Convertible. There’s also the matter of the Bentley Eminem gave Dr. Dre - a ride we hope he didn’t lose in the divorce that infamously turned the billionaire into a multimillionaire.

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: Vitalii V.

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00:06 Robert Downey Jr. - $222,700 matte green Bentley Continental GT
01:04 Ice-T - $240,000 Murder One Bentley Continental GT
02:54 Arnold Schwarzenegger - $265,000 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible
03:21 David Beckham’ trio of Bentleys
04:32 Mark Wahlberg - $363,000 Bentley Azure T
05:14 Jay Leno - $585,035 1931 Mulliner & $211,600 1989 Turbo R
06:17 Dr. Dre $280,000 Bentley Continental GT
06:57 Ben Baller’s $219,425 Bentley Flying Spur
07:56 Cher - $158,585 2005 Bentley Continental GT Convertible
08:24 Kim Kardashian West - $310,800 Bentley Mulsanne
09:54 The Queen of England - $250,000 Bentley Mulsanne(Outro)

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