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August 24, 2021

Welcome back, Richest fans! Everyone knows that Dubai is one of the most favoured playgrounds for the world’s wealthiest people. Yet, in recent years, the capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, has been quietly increasing its population with some of the most affluent people around. Today, we’re going to see how they achieved this. On top of that, we’ll explore what life is like for those billionaires within the city. And the various expensive items that their wealthy citizens have splashed the cash on. Including spa treatments that involve 24-carat gold and a service that lets you meet celebrities!

Now for the spoiler paragraph. If you like surprises, we suggest you stop reading and watch the video multiple times. We kick off by seeing some of the wealthiest residents within Abu Dhabi. Of course, that includes a member of the UAE royal family! Next, we’ll explore how the Abu Dhabi officials have been tempting wealthy folk to the city. Such as the Golden Visa for high-profile foreigners and attracting Hollywood film companies to their land. We’ll then see some of the pricey items the rich have splurged on. Including many professional football/soccer teams across the globe and multi-billion-dollar property empires abroad. Boats and yachts is a beloved pastime for those with massive net worths. So, we’ll explore a couple of the most expensive boats owned by Abu Dhabi citizens. One of which was the longest yacht in the world at one point! Finally, we’ll briefly explore one of the most expensive apartments for sale in Dubai at the time of making the video..

Written by: Jordy McKen
Narrated by: Peter G
Edited by: AJ Varela

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00:34 Rich In Abu Dhabi
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