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December 24, 2021

We cover a lot of celebrity billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Jay-Z and Elon Musk. While they definitely make outrageous purchases, the billionaires of Asia are on a whole other level. The continent actually features the most billionaires in the world, with well over a thousand.

Most importantly, the Ambani family is the richest in India and boy do they know it. They live in a giant skyscraper that only houses six people. They also own a garage full of some of the greatest cars in the world. Not only that, but they threw the most expensive wedding of all time. It featured everything you could want including a private concert from Beyonce.

Other purchases from big time Asian billionaires are all over the place. There are some that are obsessed with space travel. Vacations to the moon, asteroid mining operations and YouTube videos from the International Space Station are all in play. Then there are the car collections such as the one that featured several supercars purchased for a show within one week. None of those are as cool as the team of Saudi Arabian princes who built their own batmobile from Arkham Knight. Though what could be as cool as that? Then there are art collectors who are willing to shell out millions for pieces such as a pig cup or a tapestry. From India, to China, to Saudi Arabia and Japan, Billionaires everywhere know how to spend.

So which of these purchases are the most extravagant? Let’s dive right in!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Vitalii V.

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00:00 Intro
00:10 The Ambani Family
02:43 $100 Million Wedding
04:26 Saudi Arabian Princes
05:52 Six Supercars In One Month
06:56 Lunar Vacation
08:35 The Chinese Billionaires

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