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September 1, 2021

Thailand is a country located in southeast Asia. It houses some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet- from rich forests, to sprawling rice fields, to rolling plains, to weathered coasts. We gotta say, this country has it all. What else does it have? Billionaires. Lots, and lots, of Billionaires. Arguably the most famous billionaire in the country, who also doubles as one of the richest and most eccentric men in the world, is the king of Thailand- King Maha Vajiralongkorn. But he’s only one of many. There’s many, MANY billionaires that reside in Bangkok. And if you head over to the luxury province, and also paradise Island, of Phuket, you will find even more wealth and prosperity. With luxury homes, incredible beaches, lush forests, and some of the most exciting nightclubs in the world all in the same area, for you to explore. In today’s video, we are taking a look at just who these billionaires are, what they do for a living, and how they got so rich in the first place. Get ready to learn about some of The Richest people on planet Earth, who also all happen to reside within Thailand’s borders. We gotta say, after today’s video, you may just want to move in and become their next door neighbors! This is a beautiful country, folks, if we do say so ourselves! And we’ve seen a lot- have you seen the videos on this channel?? We know a bit more about luxury than the average Joe!

Written by: Chris Montrose
Narrated by: Chris Montrose
Edited by: Danila Fel

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00:00 Intro
00:33 The billionaire King
01:48 The Luxury Province of Phuket
03:36 Who lives in Phuket?
04:53 The Nightlife
05:51 Bangkok, and it’s billionaires
07:41 A golden Buddha!

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