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September 16, 2021

Tsar Nicholas II was one of the richest monarchs of all time. As the last Emperor of Russia, he inherited a massive fortune. Some historians believe his fortune was the equivalent of $300 billion today. However, Tsar Nicholas II met a tragic end after a series of unpopular political decisions and wars. Russian working-class citizens were also not happy with the Emperor’s excessive spending. His coronation was one of the most lavish and expensive ceremonies in history. 85,000 soldiers attended the event and 24 tons of silver and gold tableware were hauled to Moscow. Tsar Nicholas and his family ate only the finest foods from across Europe and the globe. Even the leftovers from the Tsar’s table were later served as delicacies in restaurants. Tsar Nicholas’s wealth was mostly tied to real estate controlled by the crown. He inherited 65 million hectares of land in Altai and Transbaikal. As an added bonus, the regions were filled with mines that produced gold, silver, and copper. The mining operations earned Tsar Nicholas II 6 to 7 million rubles every year. The Tsar’s excessive spending and poor political decisions reached a tipping point in the 1910s. He spent the entirety of his 20,000 ruble room money stipend on military uniforms in 1910. In 1913, the Tsar spent significant amounts of money on his hobbies, but the biggest expense came during the 300th-anniversary celebration of the Romanov dynasty. This is how Tsar Nicholas inherited a massive fortune and lost it all. Keep watching to find out more about this historical figure and his incredible wealth.

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Written by: Rob Cramer
Narrated by: Craig Freeman
Edited by: Jacobo Alfonso Hernández

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