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July 11, 2022

Shark Tank is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of success stories go. For every Squatty Potty company that’s clearly a multimillion dollar success there are several Wake N Bacons that are just impending lawsuits doomed to take down anyone that gets into business with them. Aaron Krause, it turns out, is EXACTLY the type of person you want to get into business with.

His story begins as the simple owner of a car washing company. The inventive entrepreneur was always looking for new ways to improve his business. This led him to accidentally invent a sponge that would change the business game forever. It may have taken a long time for this product to reach retail stores but once he appeared on Shark Tank he became an overnight success. His time on the show was just as much of a help off air as it was on. After it was over, his Shark managed to use her connections to get the product EVERYWHERE.

Then there are the secrets he learned from a childhood of having to work for a living. He had well off parents but they didn’t take it easy on him at all. They made him pay rent to earn his keep. All of his chores were worth a certain dollar amount. While this might sound like a ridiculous parenting strategy, it really taught him everything he needed to know to become a success.

So how did Krause become the man behind Scrub Daddy? There’s only one way to find out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Umair G

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0:14 Hobby or Career?
2:51 Shark Tank
4:41 Make Your Kids Pay Rent
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