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February 20, 2022

No superhero has more expensive gadgets than Batman. Even the actors who portrait the Dark Knight have ridiculously lavish toys to play with. This is how actors who’ve played Batman spend their riches. Robert Pattinson became a household name after his starring role in Twilight. He has since graduated from the hottest vampire at high school to the mantle of the baddest bat in Gotham. Christian Bale’s Dark Night Trilogies are arguably the most iconic Batman films. With a net worth of 80 million you’d think that Bale and Bruce Wayne had a lot in common. George Clooney’s lifestyle is on par with the Caped Crusaders alter ego. Clooney’s net worth is a staggering $550 million, and he’s not shy about spending it. Michael Keaton. Keaton changed the game when he rolled on to the screen in what’s still one of the best Batmobiles. The actor on this list most like The Dark Knight must be Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck has a net worth of $150 million and spends his money as if he sweats gold doubloons.

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Written by: Rodney Ramsey
Narrated by: Rodney Ramsey
Edited by: Federico G

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0:00 Chapter 1 : Intro
0:15 Chapter 2: Robert Pattinson
2:36 Chapter 3: Christian Bale
5:32 Chapter 4: George Clooney
8:37 Chapter 5: Michael Keaton
9:48 Chapter 6: Ben Affleck

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