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March 6, 2022

The Tinder Swindler swindled $10M out of some dames seeking a good time. What did he spend it on? We’ll look over the Netflix Phenom to take a look at Simon Leviev, a.k.a. Shimon Hayut, the international criminal who had a good time on other women’s dimes. He left his victims drowning in their own tears while he burned through night club bottle service, chartered yachts across the Mediterranean sea, and powering down London in Rolls-Royces. He was able to purchase himself a Ferrari and a Bentley thanks to his aggressive ambition, as well as hotel suites fit for diplomats and kings.
He has bespoke Chrome Hearts eyewear. He’s rarely clothed in shirts that cost less than $700. His watches, although probably fake, look real enough to lure in some women looking for love, and his private jet charters are what seal the deal for him.
5 months in jail and he’s out, and has been seen shopping for Ferraris in Tel Aviv, Israel just a few days ago (February 2022). He was looking at a Ferrari 296 GTB - that’s a quarter million dollar vehicle. For a young 31 year old driver with a criminal record, that insurance premium has gotta run about $40,000 a year.

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: Umair G

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0:00 intro
0:06 Who is The Tinder Swindler?
0:38 Eyewear
1:08 Clothes
1:56 Watches
3:17 Cars
4:24 Private Jet
6:23 Hotels
10:28 nSimon’s Current Net Worth
11:56 Simon’s Most Powerful Asset
14:43 Outro

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