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March 21, 2022

How does Tyler Perry spend his $1,000,000,000? The Oprah Winfrey inspired juggernaut has joined the ranks of Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, and John de Mol in becoming a 10 figure movie producer and director - no easy feat for anyone, let alone someone operating outside of Hollywood.
He spends on his massive TPS lot - having splurged $30M and investing $250M in infrastructure. An architect at heart, Perry helped design and remodel his LA and Georgia properties, flipping many of them for a profit. He also has a log cabin in Montana, and owns at least $7M worth of private islands in the Bahamas.

Perry rakes it in from capital gains on intellectual property ownership, content creation, and studio rentals. They film The Walking Dead, Marvel movies, and countless BET+ shows like The Oval and Ruthless on the lot, as well as the cornerstone of his media empire: the Madea movies. His 12 Madea movies alone have netted him close to $280M in profit. Not bad for a kid from New Orleans who’s first showing of his first play went unattended back in 1992. He persevered through, living out of his car and grinding out a tour worthy production 6 years later. Fast forward to 2006 and he had $100M in ticket sales, $20M in merch sales, and $30M in taped performances sales. George Lucas would be proud.

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: Federico Rossi

For copyright matters please contact:

00:00 intro
00:03 Tyler’s Bentley’s, Rolls, and Caddy’s
02:42 TPS Studios: $30M + $250M
06:32 $125M “Flying Theater” Private Jet
07:53 The Fulton County Estate
08:31 $13.5M Beverly Hills Mansion
11:31 $4M Fairburn Mansion
12:28 Jackson Hole, Wyoming Mansion
13:33 $7M Private Island
14:00 $100,000 Yacht Charters and Waverunners
14:58 Books
15:20 Philanthropy
16:27 What’s Next For Tyler?
17:34 Outro

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