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February 17, 2022

Inside Jeff Bezos' $175 Million Home.

At this point who doesn’t know who Jeff Bezos is, the former richest person in the world, founder and former CEO of Amazon and Mckenzie Scott’s ex-husband. Suffice to say, Bezos doesn’t need much of an intro these days.

What you might not have known, but won’t exactly shock you, is that the man worth 168 billion dollars has multiple properties all around the United States.

He’s got an 80 million dollar penthouse in New York, a 23 million dollar mansion in Washington DC, he even owns a 165 thousand acre ranch in Texas. All that Amazon money was clearly going somewhere after all.

This time though we’ll be taking a tour through Bezos’ 175 million dollar Beverly Hills estate. why you ask? We mean just look at the place, it's gorgeous, and We don’t know about you but I’d like to know more about the house the compulsive Amazon shopping helped finance.