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October 3, 2021

Welcome back, Richest fans! When people think of the most luxurious city in the world that the wealthy flock to, the UAE’s Dubai might be at the top of that list. Well, it’s not just adults that enjoy the life of fortune in the city. Many rich kids there are using social media to showcase their decadent lifestyles. One, in particular, is Rashed Belhasa, also known as the face of the YouTube channel Money Kicks. Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at Belhasa. We’ll see where his fortune comes from, as well as explore his extravagant lifestyle. Which includes a massive private zoo, a million-dollar shoe collection, buying perfume covered in diamonds, and many more!

Now for the spoiler paragraph. If you like surprises, we suggest you stop reading and watch the video multiple times. Firstly, we’ll kick off by examining Belhasa’s billionaire father, Saif Ahmed Belhasa, and how their net worths match up! Afterwards, we’ll see some of the pricey and unusual items that Belhasa has splashed the cash on. Including a diamond mouthguard for his boxing debut! We’ll then examine his childhood home that would make any kid and adult jealous. After all, it has a massive private zoo! Many celebrities have even been guests! We’ll see just how much it potentially costs to build a zoo. Then, we’ll take a look at Belhasa’s mammoth shoe collection. Which has some of the rarest trainers/sneakers around! Belhasa has a love of wrapping supercars in fashion prints. We’ll see his Ferrari, Cadillac, and Rolls-Royce that all got the same treatment! Finally, we’ll briefly explore the richest teenager in the world (at the time of writing), Kevin David Lehmann.

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Written by: Jordy McKen
Narrated by: Adam Newmark
Edited by: Vitalii V.

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Rashed Belhasa - 00:00:41:08
Big Spender - 00:02:24:23
Belhasa Mansion - 00:03:51:15
Home Zoo - 00:04:29:10
Massive Shoe Collection - 00:05:54:26
Unique Car Collection - 00:06:47:20

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