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December 19, 2021

Superhero movies are more successful than anything else Hollywood has ever done. Just the MCU is the most successful franchise of all time. These actors can make tens of millions of dollars as they skyrocket to the A-list. So naturally they have to buy homes even their superhero alter egos would think was a bit much.

Like Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. has built a high-tech, energy efficient home that you have to see to believe. Chris Hemsworth has a home even bigger than his muscles. Chris Evans is a surprisingly chill homeowner for someone with so much success. Christian Bale managed to purchase a slice of the American Dream. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are looking for a big place with ample room for a Batcave. Jason Momoa lives in a surprisingly classy home even though it is filled with ax throwing stations, climbing walls and electric guitars. Hugh Jackman and his wife have moved into the most peaceful, giant home in the Hamptons. Simu Liu has celebrated his MCU success with a giant home. Gal Gadot has a home that features a sky light perfect for superhero landings. Harry Styles might be new to the superhero gig but it’s okay because he’s also new to his relationship with Olivia Wilde. All of these homes are great but Tom Holland still keeps his home under wraps. Tom Hiddleston has a quiet British home while Benedict Cumberbatch went as Hollywood as possible.

So which of these superhero houses is the best? You decide.

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: Gonzalo L.

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00:00 Intro
00:09 Robert Downey Jr
01:20 Chris Evans
02:24 Chris Hemsworth
03:33 Tom Hiddleston
04:32 Benedict Cumberbatch
05:35 Jason Momoa
06:54 Ben Affleck
07:59 Henry Cavill
09:10 Christian Bale
10:31 Tom Holland
11:12 Gal Gadot
12:11 Angelina Jolie
13:11 Simu Liu
14:13 Harry Styles
15:01 Hugh Jackman

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