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September 1, 2021

China is in the process of building a state-of-the-art airbase in the Lop Desert. The site is shrouded in secrecy, but today we're going to take you on a tour and show you what China might be testing at the Lop Nur base. Last year, China landed its unmanned aircraft at the Lop Nur base, and many people think this secretive new complex is China’s very own version of Area 51. The possibilities for the Lop Nur airbase are endless. Because evidence shows an unmanned spacecraft landed on the base, it’s quite possible that China is using the area to launch new satellites and other types of space warfare technology. Satellite images show that about a dozen brand-new concrete buildings were recently built on-site. This raises the question: what exactly is going on here? A Chinese company recently set up a training facility called Mars base 1 in the Gobi Desert. There might be a similar Mars training facility at Lop Nur. A Mars training facility at Lop Nur would undoubtedly have a military focus rather than a strictly scientific focus. Lop Nur could be a testing ground for a wide variety of high-altitude aircraft, high-altitude drones, and other experimental aircraft. Lop Nur could be used to launch spy satellites and a wide variety of communications technology. Are you ready for a virtual tour of Lop Nur? Let’s go on a journey and take a deep dive into the secrets of China's Area 51. Keep watching to learn more about the Lop Nur base.

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Written by: Max Power
Narrated by: Adam Newmark
Edited by: Nikita Bereznev

For copyright matters please contact:

00:00 Intro
00:35 Runway and Possible Uses
02:29 Aircraft and Spacecraft
03:55 Expansion and Test Facilities

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