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July 29, 2022

Golf icon Tiger Woods is officially a billionaire! Just recently becoming only the third billionaire athlete alongside Lakers superstar LeBron James and NBA legend Michael Jordan. That's some good company! According to Forbes, Woods has a net worth of at least $1 billion. During the prime of his career, he held the top spot in Forbes' highest-paid athletes for 10 consecutive years until 2012. He has won $121 million in prize money - more than any other pro golfer in history. The fact that this billion dollar milestone was achieved without taking a lucrative 9 digit contract to compete on the controversial Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour is even more impressive. Tiger Woods is one of the best-paid athletes of all time, so he doesn't mind spending millions on things. Since turning pro in 1996, he has earned over $1.4 billion. His record-setting golf career has had its ups and downs, but he remains the highest-paid golfer in the world and considering how hard golf is - that's just plain impressive on it's own.

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Written by: Wilder Weir
Narrated by: Wilder Weir
Edited by: Vitalii V.

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Jupiter Mansion 00:45
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The Woods Jupiter Restaurant 08:01
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