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October 7, 2021

Lake Como is one of the most luxurious locations in Italy, and that’s saying a lot. We take a look at some of the luxury Villas that surround this world-renowned lake, do they stack up? Or are they not worthy of being anywhere near lake Como? Give it a watch and find out.


The Famous Villa Erba, located in the chic village of Cernobbio. It was built in the 19th century by Luigi Erba, mostly to show off his wealth. This stunning villa on the southern shores of the Lake has been attracting admirers ever since.

Villa Erba has played host to some of the most exclusive events and exhibitions in the world. The villa is popular for its lavish interiors adorned with a number of original ornaments and frescoes, making it a jaw-dropping setting not just for its exhibitions but for the many luxury weddings it hosts.

The Villa also has a bit of star power as well, being featured in the movie Ocean's Twelve, the third-best Oceans movie, and was also a sight in Gwen Steffani’s music video “cool”

The design of the building has that classic Italian charm to it, it also comes with a park that offers a delightful walk amongst the trees, it’s nice, secluded, and properly romantic. We mean it’s not Italy if it isn’t romantic now is it?


Built back in 1910 and sat on top of a hill right next to the gulf of Menaggio overlooking Lake Como is the Villa Lugarno.

This 6 acres of Lake Side property, offers amazing views, is covered with lush gardens, featuring expansive amounts of greenery and Japanese maple trees. It doesn’t get much better than this on Lake Como.

The architect that built this place was the renowned Carlo Monegazza, who went all out creating a home fit for an aristocrat.

This villa was clearly built for dinner parties, lunch parties and general upscale entertaining. Right at the entrance of the main building you are welcomed into a large room with a pool table, inviting you to hustle your unsuspecting visitors.

And if pool isn’t your game, there’s a Tennis court elsewhere on the property where you can also school your guests, but for a more relaxed time there’s a charming little tea house tucked away at the back of the villa.

Inside the property is a rather large dining area unsurprisingly perfect for accommodating large dinner parties. And if indoor dining isn’t your thing, you get access to a porch where you can enjoy lunch with a beautiful view.

The sitting room is also to no one's surprise impeccable furnished and sports a beautiful fireplace, great for nighttime brooding.

The main hook of this villa is no doubt its amazing Lawn. On the north and south side of the Villa, there are two lawns that have been styled and maintained in the typical English style and are contrasted beautifully with small bodies of water, including a perfectly integrated artificial lake.

The first of the lawns is located towards the entrance and is characterised by the aforementioned Japanese Maples, a plant not famous for being inexpensive. The second one is placed looking toward Como Lake, making it perfect for picnic lunches.

Villa Lugarno is the sort of property that encourages you to pack everything up and learn some Italian, because moving here would almost be worth it if Lake Como wasn’t next door.


Next we have a one of a kind historic Villa located in Laglio named… Laglio. Clearly, someone needs to work on their SEO.

This recently renovated villa dates back to the 1900s, and after a heavy renovation and refurbishment back in 2014, it’s certainly one of the most luxurious.

This 27 thousand square feet Villa is nestled up right against the shores of Lake Como, giving you unobstructed views of the water, the coast, and the mountains. You can also enjoy the sight of the 35 thousand square feet of lush, multi-tiered, exquisitely manicured Italian garden that makes this Villa look straight out of a fairy tale.

With the number of patios that can be found throughout the landscape, the designers are basically begging you to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner alfresco.

There are seven bedrooms and seventeen bathrooms on this property, to ensure living in this villa means never having to wait one minute to powder their noses. The master bathroom, however, comes with a massive tub and a shower bath. So there might be a line in front of this one.

Living in this Villa means having access to a large fireplace in the living room, beautiful arched windows that allow for magnificent views from anywhere in the home, an indoor pool coupled with a spa and fitness area, i call that the millionaire combo, and a home cinema not designed for binging netflix, but perfect for it, plus the coup de grâce for keeping yourself and your guests entertained, a Wine cellar capable of holding 2000 bottles of wine.

If the crisp white accents and gilded ornamentations of this Villa caught your eye, please have it returned to you immediately, because this one’s mine.


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