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March 17, 2022

Iran may be best known for its oil, but the richest Iranians have varied interests that are far from “crude” and have extravagant ways they spend their money. Most of these Iranians have left their home in Iran to head off to the US but they all have fairly humble beginnings. This video will show you their mansions, their pools, fast cars and private jets. These days it feels like you need to be a billionaire to fill up the tank but here’s what it really feels like to be an Iranian billionaire.

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Written by: Wilder Weir
Narrated by: Wilder Weir
Edited by: MA

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Tony Toutouni
04:00 Pierre Omidyar
07:47 Omid Kordestani
10:13 Manny Mashouf
11:40 Paul Merage
14:20 Isaac Larian
17:41 Outro

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